Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gresham & Associates PLLC - 2013 Murfreesboro Award

For the second consecutive year, The Murfreesboro Award Program has chosen Gresham & Associates PLLC for the 2013 Murfreesboro Awards in the Cardiologist & Cardiovascular Specialist classification.

Nationally, just 1.4% (1 in 70) of the 2013 Awards were certified as Two-Time awardees. For most companies, this recognition is a result of your dedication and efforts as well as the work of others in your organization that have helped build your business. Your team is now a part of an exclusive group of small businesses that have achieved this selection.

Each year, across the greater Murfreesboro area, the Murfreesboro Award Program chooses only the best local businesses. We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times. The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement.

Click here to view the press release.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cardiowellness web site Now Up and running!!

Wow!! Finally up and running.. I am so excited about having our website open for business.. This is a way we can keep in touch and you can reach out to us at anytime...We will keep you updated on the latest questions and controversies in Cardiology and you will be able to ask questions to keep informed..
We will also allow you to schedule appointments and notify us when you need refills..
 I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will .. and look forward to hearing from you all soon!!